American Auto-X Series Sponsor

AAS is pleased to announce Miltonian Capital Management plans to continue its sponsorship in 2023!

About Miltonian Capital
Racing to Retirement? Hoping to buy that dream car? Thinking about racing in retirement? Miltonian specializes in helping people invest for their future (and we understand the seemingly irrational need for more tires, lighter wheels, and suspension parts!) Just want to check with somebody to make sure you are on track? We are happy to help – we do portfolio reviews for friends all of the time, and you don’t need to invest with us to get some of our time.

Some of the other Services Miltonian Capital Management provides:

  • Long term investing
  • Retirement accounts
  • Rollover and consolidation of 401(k)/IRA from previous employers
  • Income accounts for retirees
  • Special situation investments
  • Business analysis and consulting
  • Trusts and Estates
  • Special situation high yield credit for accredited investors
  • Portfolio and income reviews

Just email and we’ll connect. Learn more at

Miltonian: Part of the American Autocross Family
Four-time National Champion and four time SCCA Pro Solo Champion Chris Cox says “we’re so happy to have Miltonian step up and sponsor our Challenge. Miltonian is run by my sister, Robin Deshayes, who has followed my Pro Solo career since the beginning.” Robin & Chris come from a racing family: their Dad ran street rods and dirt track in the 1950s, and sister Kathleen is a big drag racing fan.