BSPV Information

BSPV Rules

Specification changes and alterations to SCCA 1999 Solo II Rules for BSP

The purpose is to create a class for BSP “V” vintage category for year models 1963 thru 1982 Chevrolet Corvette.

14.2 Bodywork
b.1 Removal of the spare tire carrier and mounting hardware is permitted.
14.3 Tires
Tires will be spec autocross tires of 15″ diameter manufactured by M&H Tires.
14.4 Wheels
Wheel diameter will be 15″ and width will be 10″. Any offset may be used.
14.5 Shock Absorbers
c. Any shock absorbers may be used, provided they are single canister, non-remote reservoir, non adjustable from inside the vehicle, are all steel body and attach to the original mounting points. The number of shock absorbers shall be the same as stock.
14.10 Engine and Drive Train
i. Solid engine and transmission mounts are permitted.
o. Cast or forged non stock pistons may be used.
o.1. Any metal piston rings may be used.
p.1. Connecting rods may be replaced with after market rods. Rods must be of original length as OEM.
p.2. Valve rocker arms may be roller type of any metal material, with a ratio of 1.6 maximum for small block and 1.7 maximum for big blocks.
p.3. Any valve cover may be used.
p.4. Pushrods are unrestricted except they must be made of metal.
p.5. Any hydraulic or flat tappet camshaft may be used except roller type.
p.6. Any hydraulic lifter or flat tappet may be used. Roller type cam followers are not permitted.
p.7. Double roller timing chain and gears may be used. Timing chain cover may be altered or replaced by aftermarket type.
p.8. Any metal valves may be used. Valve sizes are unrestricted. Valve springs, valve retainers, keepers, seals and adjustment shims are unrestricted.
p.9. The crankshaft may be replaced with another of the same basic material, provided the angles of the crank throws remain the same. No change in stroke is permitted.
p.10. The use of any external crankshaft vibration dampener is permitted.
p.11. Cylinder heads are to be cast iron for small blocks and either cast iron or aluminum for big blocks. Any valve guides or valve seats may be used.
q. Intake and exhaust ports and manifold openings may be matched.
u. Any V belt drive reduction type pulleys may be used for the alternator, water pump, power steering pump and crankshaft drive pulley.
v. Aluminum water pumps driven by V belt or V belts may be used.
14.11 Out of production cars
1. The use of a 350 c.i.d. Chevrolet cast iron, stock production block, as fitted in a standard production Chevrolet Corvette manufactured prior to 1983 may be used to replace a 327 c.i.d. block. No modifications allowed unless otherwise stated.