Permanent Numbers 2021

Permanent numbers
AAS uses a computerized timing and scoring system! Everyone needs permanent numbers to run in a class. All Fun Runs need to use a provided 800 number on their car, all other numbers and class designations need to be removed.

A list of reserved numbers can be found here: 2020 Car Numbers. To reserve your number please go to registration – make sure you know what class you are running in and the year, make, model and color of the car. Note that in PAX classes or Fun Runs we cannot allow two cars have the same number even if their core class is different. For example, Pax Class Street 1 consists of Core Classes of AS and BS, so if 18 BS is taken there cannot be an 18 AS). No permanent numbers are allowed for #800-899, those are reserved for Fun Run Class runs. All 800 numbers are deleted after each event.

Car numbers and class designation on your car
Car number and class needs to be displayed on both sides of all cars. Numbers should be at least 8” tall and class letters should be about 4” tall (font stoke needs to be wide enough to see from afar). Remember, your favorite font may look legible and cool up close but be completely illegible when you are out on course! Also, the color of your numbers and class should have good contrast against your car color – blue tape on a blue car doesn’t cut it!   Junior Kart numbers and class will obviously be smaller in size than standard car numbers and classing.

If you run in a PAX class you must identify both your PAX class as well as your Core class on the car (i.e. 18 BS would be 18 S1 BS). If you run in Ladies class an “L” should be near the class on both sides of the car.

Please follow these guidelines at all times so our events can run smoothly.