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Here’s the deal: The top American Auto-X Series drivers will compete head-to-head for $2500 in prize money based on their overall Miltonian Capital Autocross points for 2019.

Miltonian Capital 2019 Points Congrats to all the 2019 Winners!

About Miltonian Capital

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Miltonian: Part of the American Autocross Family

Four-time National Champion and four-time SCCA Pro Solo Champion Chris Cox says “we’re so happy to have Miltonian step up and sponsor our Challenge.  Miltonian is run by my sister, Robin Deshayes, who has followed my Pro Solo career since the beginning.”   Robin & Chris come from a racing family:  their Dad ran street rods and dirt track in the 1950s, and sister Kathleen is a big drag racing fan.

Thanks for supporting American Auto-X Series!

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in and watch the 2018 MILTONIAN Capital Autocross Challenge on Saturday, May 4, 2019! We are so grateful to have Miltonian Capital Management as our sponsor who enables us to put on this fun event! Congrats to all, here were the top finishers:

1st Pam Kannan
2nd Katherine Flater

1st Michael Gardner
2nd Brian Hobaugh
3rd Mack Tsang

Check out the final points standing for Miltonian Capital 2018 Points!

Thanks to everyone who came out to participate in and watch the 2017 Miltonian Capital Autocross Challenge on Saturday May 19, 2018! The new format worked out great and resulted in some tight finishes! Congrats to all, here were the top finishers:

1st Lisa Gnesa
2nd Tara Shapowal

1st Justin Tsang
2nd Andy McKee
3rd (Tie) Jake Obniski and Jimmy Au-Yeung

Check out the final points standing for Miltonian Capital 2017 Points!

Thanks to all that participated in the 2016 Miltonian Capital Autocross Challenge at Round 7 of 2017! We finally had great weather for a fantastic set of challenges! 

Here were the winners of the challenges and final points for 2016.

1st place Kelly Prior
2nd Stacie Naumann
3rd Youmna Zalzal

1st place Mike Maier
2nd Andy McKee
3rd Matt Ellam

2016 Miltonian Capital Autocross Challenge Points

Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2015 Miltonian Capital Autocross Challenge at the season finale! Here were the winners of the challenge and final points for 2015.

1st place Jonathan Stewart
2nd Joel Villarreal
3rd Monty Pack

2015 Miltonian Capital Autocross Challenge Points