AAS Waiver Form

You will need to sign a waiver form or show that you have completed the electronic SpeedWaiver form when you arrive at the site. You will be provided a wristband which should be put on immediately. All individuals present (drivers and spectators) at AAS events must sign a waiver and wear a wristband per our insurance requirement. All Minors entering the site must have a parent/guardian with them to sign the paper waiver – SpeedWaiver is not available to minors. Download the AAS Waiver Form

Special Minor Waiver Form Information

Any competitors or riders under the age of 18 years of age MUST have a special minors parent consent form on file with AAS. Each year a new form is required! To acquire this additional minor parent consent form, please ask for it at registration or see an event official. Parents must be present in order to fill out the minor parent consent form. This is an additional waiver form that you fill out, it is not the waiver form that is signed when arriving at the site. Only minors that are driving at the event can be a rider.

If anyone violates these rules, we are required to ban you from all future events. This rule is part of the terms and conditions of the event insurance policy.