Tech Inspection

The safety tech inspection of your vehicle is very important. AAS has elected to continue with the annual safety tech inspection program for 2023. The AAS 2021 Tech Checklist will be used for 2023 and can be found here.

When it is your group to run, place your vehicle on grid with your hood and trunk open. Remember it is the competitors’ responsibility to remove loose articles such as press-fitted wheel center caps, amplified speaker boxes not permanently mounted to the vehicle, loose jacks, tools, and other personal articles. A tech inspector will look over your vehicle for safety compliance. Once your car passes tech, you will get a tech sticker which must be displayed, and visible from a short distance. The sticker indicates you have been inspected for our annual safety tech inspection and will need to remain on the car for future events.  If it is removed or not applied to the vehicle you will need to go through the annual safety tech inspection again at future events.

There will be follow-up spot inspections to ensure vehicles are in compliance with the safety tech inspection rules.

Although most people don’t think this is very serious, we do not have a choice in the matter. We must follow a set of safety rules, approved by the insurance carrier. This is a condition of the event insurance.

AAS has elected to adopt the same safety tech inspection rules as outlined in the SCCA Solo II rulebook. Please refer to SCCA Solo II rule Section 3.3. The purpose of adopting the SCCA safety tech inspection rules is for uniformity between the two series.

In addition to the safety tech inspection program, everyone’s safety at an event is of the utmost importance. It is everyone’s responsibility to exercise extreme safety while on course, in the grid area, in the paddock – anywhere on the site. If you see a situation that may be unsafe, please don’t hesitate to bring it to the immediate attention of the person in the unsafe situation and to the AAS staff. If we do not have safe events, everyone will be affected if insurance cannot be obtained.